Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

Posted on March 30th, 2017

These days, our society focuses a lot on social media, which means that a lot of responsibility comes along with that. So whether you are just starting in the social media game or have been involved with it for years, you need to be responsible about the things that you post. The fact is, irresponsible social media conduct could ruin your education and even negatively impact your career. The good thing is, most of these consequences are preventable. So here are just a few mistakes that you should avoid doing at all costs on your social media.


Post illegal activities. This isn’t me promoting that you should be doing illegal activities, because you shouldn’t. However, the fact stands that a lot of students out there do experiment with many activities and substances. But the second you post a video or a picture of you participating is those activities, you become vulnerable. Not only can you get expelled from school, but you can also face criminal prosecution, which can affect the rest of your life.


Post confidential information. This piece of advice applies to everyone. Think about how easy it is to share content on Facebook. With just one click of a button, all of your personal information can be shared to hundreds of different people that you don’t even know. Then it just needs to get in the hands of one wrong person and bam – identity stolen. Just as simple as that.


Overly specific location check-ins. Try not to get too specific with your social media check-ins. Although your parents probably appreciate knowing exactly where you are, posts like these can make it easier for predators to get to you as well. It’s especially important not to check in to a location when you are alone there.


Lie/Cheat/Plagiarize. Avoid telling someone you are going to do something and then posting about something else on social media. Let me paint you a picture. Say you called off of work because you were too “sick” to come in. However, then you end up posting pictures of you at a music festival instead. Don’t be surprised when your boss finds out about in and you end up in some serious trouble. People do investigate.


Threaten violence. This is a big no no. You may think that it is only a joke, but threats of violence are taken very seriously. Even when you posting things anonymously, it raises a lot of red flags, and the authorities are bound to investigate. Social media is not the place to vent out your frustrations and violent thoughts.


Unprofessional public profiles. I’ve seen this time and time again, but your social media presence needs to reflect responsibility. Trust me, it matters. In today’s day and age, a professional profile is ideal. Whether it’s a Google search or a social media examination, chances are a company is looking into your history. So remove those compromising pictures.


Post emotionally. We’ve all said and done things that we’ve regretted over the years. We’re only human. Take a minute to think about how what you are posting will affect the feelings, safety, and well-being of those around you. The momentary pleasure you might get from posting an angry tweet isn’t worth the harm that it could create later on.