Nearly everyone has a smartphone. We use them literally hundreds of times per day, but how often when you pick your smartphone up do you check Facebook or Instagram? While this may not be a bad thing and can be productive in some situations, there are some things you can do on your smartphone instead of checking social media. One tip we would have when it comes to social media is to only check Twitter or Facebook from your desktop/laptop computer. This will allow you to limit yourself, and not spend all of your micro spare time on social media. Social media is a never-ending rabbit hole. For example, you get on to scroll your newsfeed for a minute, then you see a funny video, and you click that and watch it for a  couple of minutes, you then see another recommended video that you click on and spend another couple of minutes. Then you go back to your news feed, refresh it, and start all over again. Does this sound familiar? Here are our tips for using those small minutes to be more productive with your smartphone.


Video Marketing in 2019

Posted on February 22nd, 2019 By Ben Wilson

Video has exploded over the last few years. More and more companies have started using video to market their products and services in ways that were never possible in the past. Consumers have responded by much better engagement with video, then with other forms of content. Because of this, it has become extremely important to make video a priority in your marketing in 2019. Here are some reasons and tips to help make your video marketing a success.


Top Things Every 2019 Website Should Have

Posted on February 15th, 2019 By Ben Wilson

Having a website is a must if you are a business owner. Websites trends are always changing and adapting to technology and consumer habits. If you have a website, there are somethings you should always include if you want to have the best website possible in 2019. Here are our suggestions.


4 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

Posted on February 8th, 2019 By Ben Wilson

We see many mistakes that people make when it comes to their internet marketing. The good news is that many of these mistakes are easily fixed! Here are our top 4 most common internet marketing mistakes that people make.


Does Blogging Matter in 2017?

Posted on June 5th, 2017 By Ben Wilson

Blogging has been around for decades, and the reach and power of blogs has continued to grow. Blogging is relevant to any sized business, whether a huge international company or a small business. Here are 4 reasons why blogging matters for your company:


How to Use Google+ Events for Your Business

Posted on April 10th, 2017 By Barnabas Brown

Sure, we all know about Facebook events. Most marketers and businesses have been using them to promote everything from seminars to fundraising events within their Facebook community. What you might not know is that Google+ actually has something similar that can be an excellent marketing tool to help promote your local business. It can help you grow your business by connecting you with potential clients interested in products or services.